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My name is Daniela Baldini and I were born in Florence in 1970.
In 1987 I qualified in "Maestro d'Arte" (Teacher of Art) at the Art Institute in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence).
In 1989 I qualified in "Applied Art" at the Art-School in Faenza (Ravenna) with the specialization in "pottery's manufacture".
In 1990 I came back to Florence. I began my artistic work in an art workshop that studied and worked the ancient painting techniques.
Here, I specialized to use and prepare old supports like:
- canvas, wooden slabs, copper, parchment, fresco
and painting techniques such as:
- gouache (pigments with rubber and sugar)
- egg tempera (pigments with eggs, water and oils)
- mixed technique (combination of tempera with glazings and color oil)
- mural painting as fresco (pigments with milk and rubber)
From 1996 to 2002 I worked in a workshop of restoration of paintings and stones, where I learnt the techniques of painting restoration.
My art is a combination of ancient painting techniques with recent methods of restoration, the combination of the old and the new,
of what it was and what it is but also what it will can be, without to forget that the art has not time because it is always present.
So in 2003 Eclektik-Art was born.